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01 January 2036 @ 03:43 pm
             As you can see from my banner, its says FRIENDS ONLY, COMMENT TO BE ADDED.
I have now implemented that to my journal but my fics are free. So no hard feelings!
You can still add me just comment and I'll reply back and add you.
Please follow! 8D See you soon! *waves* 

Friends Only Banner made by: okimiyage 

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28 July 2009 @ 06:59 pm
Title: Never again
Author: yamashita_pink
Pairing: RyoPi and some hints of PiN (friendship)
Genre: angst~~~
Rating: G *safe!!!*
Disclaimer: If ever I own Kame or Jin, which will be only in my dreams and imaginations… :))
Summary: No, never again.
beta by: magicaltrinity 

A/N: sorry for making this fic so sad...

dozou!Collapse )
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